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[21 Nov 2015] backpack everki warranty
Surviving the daily runs to university, to carrying all my belongs around the world, my Everki backpack has been with me through thick and thin. When it first broke, its strap coming loose from the body I thought I had lost my best travel companion. This is the story of my broken bag, and the adventure I had in getting it repaired.
[20 Nov 2015] indian-food takeaway review
Review about an Indian takeaway
[20 Mar 2015] wolves light orb
A glowing light - shining through the darkness of the night pulls a child toward to an unknown fate...
[04 Feb 2014] testing broadband fibre
Testing my Virgin Media connection
[16 Oct 2013] install broadband fibre
Setup of my Virgin Media connection
[21 Sep 2013] webdesign
The why and how of making this website